The Eyeball Has Become an Annoying TV Trope

My girlfriend and I have been binge-watching Daredevil; it’s a pretty fun show, and I’ve enjoyed the introduction of the Punisher, who’s my favorite character. However, by the 49th time someone was killed via a sharp object, thumb or other implement penetrating the eye, I started to complain.

Yes, I get that it’s a sensitive part of the body and the purpose is to make us cringe. There’s a point, though, at which any stops being disturbing and becomes cliche.

When it happened in The Walking Dead the scene was set up to make it necessary. It was already played out by the time it appeared in Game of Thrones. In Being Human, I was sick of it and irritated that the producers were trying so hard to elicit a disgust response.

Now I just want it to go away.