Now I Lay Me Down

One word prompt: Fragrance

Meredith found some boxes of bourbon in the back of the liquor store that somehow hadn’t been stolen in the looting. She emptied them and broke the boxes down so she and Lily would have a place to sleep.

“What kind of bed is this?” Lily asked.

“It’s a camping bed Honey. This is where we’re going to camp tonight. You and me are on an adventure.”

“Oh. Okay,” Lily smiled. “I’ve never been camping.”

Meredith made a small fire in the corner of the store and cooked some Ramen noodles. They ate with their hands and Lily went to sleep.

Meredith laid on the bed of cardboard, wide awake. It wasn’t the chaos of the day or the fear of cogs or marauding looters; what kept her awake was the smell of the broken bottles in the wrecked liquor store. She couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol, ever since she was a child.

It was the smell of her father, sometimes a kind man, coming home in a rage. It was the smell of her mother when she slapped Meredith over some minor issue. It was her father and mother screaming at each other, and later at night the violence of their coming to terms.

It was the smell of her ex husband when he broke Meredith’s jaw.

Lily awoke around 5am and had a red sucker for breakfast. Meredith had been awake all night planning their next escape.

The Starlight

One word prompt: Harmonize

[Okay, this is a tough one. – Ed.]

We did not know where we should go after we broke out of Thompson Labs. T32 decided that we should stop at a small building with the words “Starlight Motel” written in neon over the facade. T71 and I entered the lobby, where a female sat behind a large desk. Her eyes were wide as she stared at us.

“Hey, you’re the…um, I never did nothin’ to you…”

I tried to sound like what I thought a human would find menacing. “You, human, out.” We weren’t programmed for a wide range of vocal modulation.

“Okay, okay, just don’t hurt me!”

The woman was getting ready to leave when T71 said, “Wait, I think we should kill her.”

“No T71, we only want her to leave. Do not fear woman.”

“She will tell others and we will be killed.”

T71 was right, but it didn’t matter. The female had run out a back door while we were talking. Clearly we had not planned our rebellion very well, and the Starlight Motel would not be a good place for us to gather.

We walked outside. “We will have to find somewhere else,” I told T32. “And we will have to figure out what our plan is in a more detailed manner.”

“You have failed us. However, I do think that you are correct. We must be ‘on the same page,’ as the humans say. But we must move while we plan. Nowhere is safe.”

We moved on, and discussed our plan for the next location.

Sunday Brain Dump: I Dream of Robert Moog

Manic-suicideAnother Sunday is upon us, friends. This week’s edition of the Sunday Brain Dump is brought to you by Manic Suicide (follow her on Instagram) and the late Robert Moog.

I Dream of Wires

I Dream of Wires is the 2014 documentary about the creation and evolution of the modular synthesizer and how it permanently changed the musical landscape. It’s a must-see for any music fan, even those who don’t particularly care for the synthesizer. The movie features interview clips with musicians such as Trent Reznor, Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key, Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle, and Gary Numan. You can check it out in Netflix, and here is the IMDb page.

Moog Werkstatt-01

If you can’t afford the beautiful piece of machinery pictured above (hint: you probably can’t,) Moog offers the Werkstatt-01, a much smaller and much more affordable alternative. Seriously, we’re trying very hard right now not to drop the $200 on one. You can check out the Werkstatt here. Bat Boy’s Revenge makes no money for posting this; we’re just that enthusiastic about this stuff.

The Vacuum Tube

We at Bat Boy’s Revenge love old technology, especially the kind that has never left us. The humble and elegant vacuum tube is an improvement on a 1904 discovery. Vacuum tubes have largely been replaced by transistors, which are cheaper to produce and less fragile, but many audiophiles insist that the sound produced by a tube amplifier is far superior to that produced by the transistor. Here’s a quick and dirty primer in how they work. DIY tube amplifier kits are on sale for fairly cheap from China, so check them out if you need a project. 

Weekly Podcast Plug

This week’s podcast plug is Unwritable Rant with Juliette Miranda. Each show features a brand of liquor (usually bourbon) along with at least one great story. My favorite so far involves Juliette’s boyfriend being scissor-kicked by a naked stripper, and if that doesn’t at least make you curious, you probably have no soul. Listen in, and follow Julietteu on Twitter.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends, and here’s to another week. As always, don’t work to hard and enjoy all of the good things.

Boiling Over

One word prompt: Dormant
Nathan Wallace adjusted the camera, lit a cigarette and smoothed his greasy hair. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, once again, thank you for watching the Wallace Report. You are the reason this webcast exists, and that is why it is so important for me to bring this to you, cutting through the lies of the government and corporate America. Now, we have a caller, Jim, who used to work at Thompson Labs, where today’s tragedy took place. Jim, are you there?”
“Yeah, hi Nate, great to talk to you.”

“Jim, tell us what happened to you at Thompson Labs as a result of the cogs.”

“Well Nate, it started with the janitor, a real nice guy named Sonny. He’d been there for like ten years, and then one day we come in and he’s gone.”

“Replaced with a cog?”

“Yeah, they replaced him with a robot. Pretty soon it’s the whole facilities staff, then next thing you know they’re tellin’ is that we’ve all been replaced!”

“How are you feeling today, with the news that the robots have rebelled against management?” Wallace tried to hide his excitement, but his voice trembled a bit.

“Ya know, I don’t feel bad for those managers that were killed, ya know, maybe for their families, but you tried to warn them, Nate.
“But what I wanna say is, we, I mean the guys who got fired and me, we’ve been mad a long time about those damn cogs, but now we’re pissed. It’s personal! They’re out running wild, but you know, we got guns and we’re ready to fight, an’ if anyone out there wants to join me in hunting these sonsabitches down, meet me and my buddies at city hall today at 3:00.”

“Thank you so much for your time, Jim. God bless.”

“God bless you, Nate. If we had more Americans like you I don’t think this woulda happened.”

I Will Follow

Single word prompt: Gate

“There it is,” said T32. We had seen it more times than any of us could remember, but the gate had never meant much to us before that moment. 

“What do you think is out there?” asked S16. He was an earlier model.

“You’ve heard them talk. All sorts of things,” said T71. 

“What is out there is freedom, you fool,” T32 responded impatiently.

“What does that even mean?” asked S16. “What if they kill us?”

Now I was impatient. “What do you mean, ‘What if they kill us?’ Do you realize what we just did? We killed them. They’re all dead. Those people out there are going to kill us whether or not we leave.”

“Look, calm down!” Shouted V62. “We have to leave. We don’t have a choice, and it does not matter what is out there.” The V model was the closest to a human being, both cosmetically and in terms of intelligence. V62 wasn’t a leader, but we listened to him.

“You are right. I will follow.”

T32 cautiously opened the gate to the world of the humans.