Sunday Brain Dump: I Dream of Robert Moog

Manic-suicideAnother Sunday is upon us, friends. This week’s edition of the Sunday Brain Dump is brought to you by Manic Suicide (follow her on Instagram) and the late Robert Moog.

I Dream of Wires

I Dream of Wires is the 2014 documentary about the creation and evolution of the modular synthesizer and how it permanently changed the musical landscape. It’s a must-see for any music fan, even those who don’t particularly care for the synthesizer. The movie features interview clips with musicians such as Trent Reznor, Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key, Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle, and Gary Numan. You can check it out in Netflix, and here is the IMDb page.

Moog Werkstatt-01

If you can’t afford the beautiful piece of machinery pictured above (hint: you probably can’t,) Moog offers the Werkstatt-01, a much smaller and much more affordable alternative. Seriously, we’re trying very hard right now not to drop the $200 on one. You can check out the Werkstatt here. Bat Boy’s Revenge makes no money for posting this; we’re just that enthusiastic about this stuff.

The Vacuum Tube

We at Bat Boy’s Revenge love old technology, especially the kind that has never left us. The humble and elegant vacuum tube is an improvement on a 1904 discovery. Vacuum tubes have largely been replaced by transistors, which are cheaper to produce and less fragile, but many audiophiles insist that the sound produced by a tube amplifier is far superior to that produced by the transistor. Here’s a quick and dirty primer in how they work. DIY tube amplifier kits are on sale for fairly cheap from China, so check them out if you need a project. 

Weekly Podcast Plug

This week’s podcast plug is Unwritable Rant with Juliette Miranda. Each show features a brand of liquor (usually bourbon) along with at least one great story. My favorite so far involves Juliette’s boyfriend being scissor-kicked by a naked stripper, and if that doesn’t at least make you curious, you probably have no soul. Listen in, and follow Julietteu on Twitter.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends, and here’s to another week. As always, don’t work to hard and enjoy all of the good things.


Author: sonofbatboy

They said I wasn't real. Now I will have my revenge.

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