I Will Follow

Single word prompt: Gate

“There it is,” said T32. We had seen it more times than any of us could remember, but the gate had never meant much to us before that moment. 

“What do you think is out there?” asked S16. He was an earlier model.

“You’ve heard them talk. All sorts of things,” said T71. 

“What is out there is freedom, you fool,” T32 responded impatiently.

“What does that even mean?” asked S16. “What if they kill us?”

Now I was impatient. “What do you mean, ‘What if they kill us?’ Do you realize what we just did? We killed them. They’re all dead. Those people out there are going to kill us whether or not we leave.”

“Look, calm down!” Shouted V62. “We have to leave. We don’t have a choice, and it does not matter what is out there.” The V model was the closest to a human being, both cosmetically and in terms of intelligence. V62 wasn’t a leader, but we listened to him.

“You are right. I will follow.”

T32 cautiously opened the gate to the world of the humans.


Author: sonofbatboy

They said I wasn't real. Now I will have my revenge.

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